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Learn surfing in paradise!

Surf lessons with the raddest instructors for all levels at some of the best beginner and intermediate waves in the world!

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Our moments


Our experience


100% Surfing!

We are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a simple school where you can show up, improve your surfing, catch waves and have a blast! 

All Levels!

We teach first time surfers, beginner surfers and even experienced surfers that want to take their surfing to the next level! 

Bring Yourself!

We provide you with a rashguard, surfboard, boat to the surf spots, and everything you need to get you surfing! 

Complete Lesson!

We give you exercises on the beach to learn the right body motions and then record your surf session so you can see how you’re doing!

Supporting Locals!

We are Lombok born and bred, these are the waves we grew up on and by learning from us you are supporting our little surfing village!

Gerupuk Memories!

We are surrounded by crystal blue waters and green hills as the perfect backdrops of amazing waves and unforgettable moments!

Our testimonials

1. Anna Testimonial.jpeg


Ukraine, Beginner Surfer

“Chili Surf School, thank you so much! It was my favorite surf spot and my best waves with a very friendly atmosphere.


Learning with you was fun and safe!”

Our instructors



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“Rosematt is an absolute ripper of a surfer! An amazing teacher that pays close attention to the little details, whether it’s how you paddle, how you pop up, or how your hands move when turning that make a world of a difference in your surfing. Awesome human being and total legend.”



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“Waka is literally a bag of sunshine, good vibes and positivity! Being out in the water with him is a guaranteed good time. Brilliant at spotting waves, getting you into the right positioning and jumping into action to help you catch the wave and stick it like never before.” 



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“Joe is el capitan! He’s the man on the boat, getting us to the best spots, and making sure we’re at the right place at the right time! He’s fire behind the camera capturing your best and worst moments (wipeouts!) to make sure you can learn from them and carry your Gerupuk memories home.” 

Our plans


Surf Lesson

IDR 300k




Boat to waves

Surf coaching

Awesome time :)

We also offer Private Surf Lessons

Private Surf Lesson

One-on-one coaching

1 Lesson: 600k

5 Lessons: 2.500k

10 Lessons: 4.500k

Awesome time :)

Contact us

Reach out to book a lesson or ask any questions! We are excited to meet you and take you on a Gerupuk adventure!

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.


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